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20 Jul 2003

Someone asked me once what was my "Philosophy of Education".  Here's my answer to her.

I believe that the Lord has a plan for each of my children's lives.
I believe that He will give them the desire to learn what they need to fulfill that plan.
I believe that He calls us to trust Him in every area of life--and this is no different.
I think that we have to look down the road a little further than we tend to.  What I mean is this:  Several years ago Tony and I were talking about the kind of adults we wanted our children to be, specifically we were talking about Caleb.  What kind of adult
do we want Caleb to be?  We started listing different qualities and attributes we wanted to see in his life.  Then we talked about what we needed to do *now* to help form him into that kind of man.  It's kinda like baking.  What's the first thing you do
before you start baking?
~Decide what you want to make--chocolate cake!
~Pick out a recipe--a plan to accomplish what you want to make.
~Select good, quality ingredients--surround your child with the 'stuff of learning'...
~Follow the recipe--Follow the Lord's leading, follow your child's interests

You don't just start dumping stuff in a bowl--every workbook that comes down the line--and stir it up and *hope* it will become a chocolate cake!  You have a goal in mind--chocolate cake--and then follow the path, ie do what's necessary, to accomplish
that goal!

That 'goal' is different for each family, for each child--and the path for each child is different.  We spend much more time working on our children's character (controlling our temper/anger, having a spirit of forgiveness, kindness, putting others first, being diligent workers---it's different for each child) than we do on phonics or the times tables.  What really matters?

My children are living proof that children will learn without 4 hours a day of workbooks (Ü)!  Sam just finished 'first grade'.  When he was in K, I spent several months off and on going through 'Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons'.  We got to around
lesson 60 something.  Last year I didn't really sit down with him to 'teach him to read' at all.  Last night, he picked up Frog and Toad (2nd grade level) and read the whole thing!  He only missed a few words.  He's been reading through some Dr Seuss books at bedtime but I had no idea his reading was so advanced--he hardly stammered or had to stop and sound out words at all.  We laid the groundwork in K but he wasn't ready to read until the past month or so.  Now, he's reading like crazy!

I could give story after story like this.  The children are learning like crazy.  They all love to read and/or be read to.  *If you can read, you can learn/teach yourself anything!*  Yes, even math!!  Learning is the stuff of life!

20 July 2003 ~Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis