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22 Dec 2003

Isaac Jonathan

The stats...

Born:  December 22, 2003
Time:  2:45 am
Weight:  8 lb 12 oz
Length:  20 1/4 in

Delivered by Daddy and Aunt Jaynie

If it weren't for the Lord and "the MOMYS"...*

I may have never met the woman who very possibly saved my baby's life.

I'm not sure how to be brief with this story, but I will try <smile>.  Two years ago our family attended the MOMYS Retreat in Texas. While there, our family became friends with another MOMYS family, the S family.  Almost from the very beginning, there was a really neat bond between our families.  We spent a good part of the week doing different activities together.  After the retreat we kept in touch via email and telephone calls.   Our families visited each other a few times and the bond just continued to strengthen.  Jaynie is such an incredibly dear friend to me!  Our family was privileged to be able to be a part of the miracles surrounding the life and homegoing of their precious little one, Jonathan.  His life changed me in so many ways--I am forever grateful to the Lord that I had a chance to know him.  The Lord has just continued to strengthen the bond between our families.  Jaynie is so much more than just a friend, she's a true sister in every sense of the word.  I thank the Lord so much for her.

Several months ago Jaynie told me that she and Tim had decided that when the time came for our baby to be born that she wanted to come and be here for us.  What an incredible blessing!  Our children love their "Aunt Jaynie" and I knew we would all be in good hands!  So, when I was about to hit that 42 week mark, Jaynie bundled up their blessings and headed to Mississippi from Texas to be here for us.  I could go on and on about how much she and her children did for us--they are all so neat!

After I passed the *magic* 42 week mark, Jaynie was such a support for me.  When I would get weak, scared, frustrated and overwhelmed, she would just hug me and reassure me that everything was okay.  She would say "God knows the time for this baby to be born.  He knows how this will all play out.  Have faith!"  Her support was just so needed--she helped keep me stable when I wavered.

Okay, now for the best part of the story!

Sunday night I began having a few contractions.  One at 5:00, one at 6:00, etc...  until about midnight.  They were about every 7-10 minutes but I wasn't sure if it was *real* labor or not.  (Several days before this I had had six hours of false labor and I think I was just gun-shy.)  We decided to all just go to bed and if it wasn't real labor it would stop.  Well, they didn't stop.  They kept getting closer and stronger so a little after 1:00 I got up to go to the couch and change positions.  I woke Jaynie up and asked her to
come to the living room with me.  Tony was already up and doing something upstairs (realized later he was getting the bed ready for the birth).  The contractions were coming stronger and faster and longer and there was only 2 or 3 minutes between them.  Tony, Jaynie and I decided to go ahead and call the midwives so they could be on their way.  Well, the contractions kept on stronger and faster and it was soon obvious that the midwives weren't going to make it.  Jaynie and Tony were so calm.  I was pretty calm.
 The whole thing was just kinda surreal.  Anyway, back to the story...Jaynie checked me and I was dilated to 4 around 1:30.  I couldn't believe that labor was so hard and I was only 4!  Jaynie was so calm.  She said "It's okay.  It's supposed to be like this."  She was so reassuring.  I guess it was around 2:35 or so that we made it up to our bedroom.  She checked and I was fully dilated and the water was bulging.  She told me to push and the waters broke.   She then told me to begin pushing.  I remember thinking
'It's not time to push' but I did as she said.  It never occurred to me to question her.  I think I pushed through four contractions and our son was born!  Tony and Jaynie dried him off quickly, Jaynie suctioned him and laid him on my chest.  It was just the most calm, peaceful feeling.  No one was panicked, it just seemed like the most natural thing.  I was still in shock that I had delivered a baby so quickly though--that took a while to wear off!  I still can't believe how calm my sweet husband was during all of this.  He was the most able assistant and he and Jaynie made such a great team!

Now, why did I say at the beginning that she most probably saved my baby's life?  Well, she told me after all was done that when his head crowned she saw something across the top of his head.  She couldn't tell if it was the cord over his head or if there was a deformity on his head but she knew that he had to be born *now*.  That's why she instructed me to push when she did.  Turns out it was a varicosity--so no big deal, but listen to the rest of this story...

When our son was born, Jaynie noticed almost immediately that his cord was not pulsating.  It had evidently separated sometime during the labor.   Our son was born with a blue/purple face but revived quickly.  Because Jaynie didn't recognize what the varicosity was, she had me push him out very quickly.  There's a very good chance that had my midwives been here they would have recognized the varicosity, not been alarmed by it, and encouraged a slow, gentle delivery.  If the placenta had already detached
and we had had a 'slow, gentle delivery' then our baby could have been deprived of oxygen for too long.  The ifs are just over whelming to me--I have *no* doubt that the Lord used Jaynie in an incredible way!  I get all teary every time I think about it.  Wow--that you Lord and thank you Jaynie for being such a willing vessel!!

Our seventh child and fifth son, Isaac Jonathan Lewis, first welcomed into this world--most appropriately--by his "Aunt Jaynie"!!!  He weighed in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces and is 20 ¼ inches long.  His head was 37 cm--a big fella!

Thank you Lord!
Thank you Jaynie!
Thank you Tina!
Thank you my dear husband, Tony!!

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to all of you!

(Our midwives arrived about thirty minutes after Isaac was born so they got to do all the clean up!!  <big smile>  I am grateful they arrived when they did though as they were able to do his assessment and everything.  They were very calm and said they knew it was supposed to happen the way it did--they felt really peaceful knowing Jaynie was here and they were confident that everything would be okay!)


Jaynie's Story...

Funny but I feel like Dana's birth story is just as much mine as hers! So I thought I would write and tell Isaac's birth story from my vantage point! After all, I had the better view!!  LOL

But, before the actual birth story let me back up and preface it by saying that really this is much more than just another MOMYS birth story, but, rather this is a love story of sorts. A story of two MOMYS (and their families) and their love in Christ for each other.   As Dana said our families met at a MOMYS retreat and the resulting relationship blossomed from there. We just "clicked", if you know what I mean.

Our families visited each other a couple of times. Dana and I exchanged countless emails. The bond deepened. When I went into preterm labor back in July, her wonderful husband took off work, and they loaded up and came to be with my children while I was in the hospital. I had planned another homebirth, but, this was most definitely not what the Lord had planned for me. I ended up in the hospital with a c-section. We soon found out that our little baby, Jonathan Enoch, was not ours to keep. The Lord impressed upon Dana that something was going to be wrong with my baby (weeks before), and that our relationship up until that time had been nurtured for this moment of my need. Dana was pregnant at this time, and I tried so hard to spare her all of the realities of life with a dying baby- but, it couldn't be done. Dana was determined to see Jonathan and love him. I kept her from seeing him right
after his birth, however, she returned a few weeks later (a week and a half before his departure) and was *determined* that she was going to hold and love this fragile little life. I will never forget walking into my living room and seeing her holding little Jonathan (oxygen mask and all) and just beaming with joy. God had prepared her for this moment, and she had complete peace about it all. This was an incredible gift to me. She was one of the very few people who actually wanted to hear me talk on endlessly about what I was going through.

When Jonathan went to be with the Lord, her husband (Tony) presented his graveside message.

A few weeks later we were talking about her impending birth. She was planning a homebirth and had midwives lined up, but, didn't have anyone there for the children if needed. The friend who had been there for her previous homebirth was unavailable.   I felt the Lord was leading me to be there for her, so I approached my husband with the possibility. She lives 9+ hours from us, so this was not a small decision. He agreed.

Well, Dana's due date approached and quite honestly I got a bit scared. After having so recently lost my own baby I was worried about how I would handle it all. What would I do if I got there and just started crying?? My dh prayed for me, as well as another friend. So the children and I went on stand by. Her due date passed and I started carrying the cell phone everywhere I went  :-) Finally at almost 2 weeks post due date we decided for the children and I to head out for Mississippi.

Whew! I have never been on the dad's end of pregnancy- you know the waiting and watching end!  LOL Let me tell you that it is tough! But, it was fun! I got to know each of her children as individuals. Dana and I got to spend hours just sitting on the sofa together talking MOMYS talk! Very fun!

Well, finally at 17 days post due date Dana woke me up at 1:10 am. She was in quite a bit of pain, and declared that if she were in the hospital that she would be demanding an epidural. Uh-oh! We just went to bed at 12:40 am and she had not been in much discomfort. Things were moving quickly. We had stayed up watching a movie and had left the kitchen in a bit of a mess, so I went to clean up- but, she needed me to just sit and offer comfort instead- so I let the kitchen go. A little later, at maybe around 2:30am she wanted me to check her. She was 9 cm. Oh my! We were in the living room and she wanted to go to the bedroom- so we started the journey to her room. We stopped by the bathroom and Dana asked Tony to pray for her. He prayed for safety for Dana and the baby. I stood in the doorway and offered up my own prayer to the Lord. I prayed for wisdom, because it was looking like the midwives were not going to make it. That peace that passeth all understanding settled over me. We made it to the bedroom where Tony had gotten the bed all ready for the birth. Tony and I dug through the birthing supplies getting together what we thought we would need. Dana asked Tony how far away the midwives were. Tony (not wanting to alarm Dana) said something
nondefinitive. He then mouthed to me "they're a long way away."

Dana then proclaimed that she was getting a break from the contractions. The contractions had stopped. Uh oh, I knew what that meant. It was time. I checked her again and her bag of water was bulging. Her dilation was complete- there was no cervix left. She commented on feeling sooo much pressure. So I told her that if she were to bare down just a tad that her water would break. It did...all over me!  LOL

I checked her again, there was Isaac's sweet little head. Full of hair. Everything felt right. Tony and I continued making sure that we had the towels and such ready. I checked Dana again and this time something was different, there was this *thing* across the baby's head. My first thought was that it must have been a prolapsed cord. What else could it have been, I thought to myself. So, the wisdom that I asked for from the Lord kicked in. I told Dana that I wanted her to push a little. She pushed and this thing stayed over the baby's head. With the next contraction I told her that I wanted her to push really hard again. Now Tony and I could see the baby's head- we both saw this reddish tubular thing across the baby's head. It didn't look like the cord- I knew that would be white. I couldn't imagine what in the world it could be. But, it was not supposed to be there! A couple more pushes and out came little Isaac. The tubular thing on his head slipped off as his head emerged. His head was perfect! He cried a little. His head was purple and blue. I suctioned him, then Tony and I messaged him and laid him on Dana's tummy. He was quickly a nice pink color!

At this point I checked the cord, and saw that it wasn't pulsating. Hmmmm. I thought that I must be wrong. Cords pulsate. I checked it several times. Thinking I must be missing something (my view of births had always been from the other end, ya' know!  :o) Dana commented that she felt a "pulsating sensation inside"- I thought (and said) it must be the cord. Now, I was thinking to myself that if Dana could feel the cord pulsating that I should be able to feel it as well! I took off my gloves and carefully held the
cord in my hands trying to detect a pulsation. There just wasn't one.

In spite of the weird thing on the baby's head, it really was such a peaceful birth. All 12 children were sleeping and it was so quiet. Dana was soooo calm. Tony and I were completely calm and peaceful as well. I felt no fear about the *thing* on the baby's head- just knew we had to get him out.

Twenty five minutes after Isaac immerged into the world, the midwives came. The weird tubular thing that I had been concerned about was a varicosity on Dana. The midwives studied it at great length, at first unsure what it was. The midwives were able to just pop it right back into place. They then put an icepack on it. It was the varicosity that Dana had felt pulsating.

I prayed many, many times for Dana's birth. I prayed that she would have the birth that I had so wanted a few months prior for myself. God answered that prayer in such an unseen way- it was a wonderful birth that two MOMYS got to share.

Tony and Dana named their baby Isaac Jonathan. *Jonathan* after my own little Jonathan who is now resting not in my arms, but, in those of the Lord.

I love you Dana! Thank you for letting me share in Isaac's blessed birth! I will forever hold the memory near to my heart.

And thank you dear friend Tina for your ministry to all of us through MOMYS. None of this would have happened without your sacrifice of time in moderating this precious list, and organizing your *retreats*.

To God Be the Glory!
wife to Tim
Mama to Lauren, Rebecca, Erik, Emily, Amber, Daniel & Jonathan Enoch
(safely resting in the arms of Jesus)



Aunt Jaynie holding Isaac~6 hours old



*The MOMYS Digestis a digest dedicated to "providing Mothers Of Many Young Siblings
a forum for sharing or soliciting practical ideas or helpful suggestions relating to the
management of our homes, through God's strength and to His glory."

Dana Lewis