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8 Feb 2011    Thunder Puppies

I'm sure many of us remember our younger days with both affection and chagrin. Surely I'm not the only one who was bold and firm in my convictions of what is true and right. I can't be the only one who spoke truth barely tempered with any love or affection for the recipient or mercy for their humanness.


8 Feb 2011    Who Is Your God?

The question has arisen regarding birth control and whether the use of birth control is sin or not.  When I come up against this question  I  always direct the conversation to "Who is Your God?"  and I want to do that again.

20 Jul 2003    My Philosphy of Education

Someone asked me once what was my "Philosophy of Education".  Here's my answer to her.


14 Apr 2003    Why I Wear Dresses

The answer to 'why do you wear dresses all the time'...

19 Feb 2003    Am I An Unschooler?

Well, I really don't like 'labels', but.. I guess if I had to label us we are TATMs. Yep, I made that up! It stands for Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments. That's what life is all about.