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Caleb Rains


Our firstborn.  Our 'practice child'... lol.  Caleb is such a blessing.  It's a strange yet amazing feeling, as a mom, to watch a child grow into a man. Caleb's hobbies are

  • Astronomy, he got a telescope several years ago and really enjoys studying God's creation in the stars and planets
  • Woodworking
  • Reading... that should say READING!
  • Chickens
  • Researching and studying intently subjects that interest him
  • Running

Caleb has always been more of a serious child, he thinks deeply and he thinks through things throughly.  He is not rash and does not make 'spur of the minute' decisions.  He does, however, have a fun and goofy side :) 

Caleb was named for the Old Testament Caleb and his middle name is for my grandfather, Robert Marshall Rains.  Grandaddy was the only son in his family and he only had one child (my mother).  We wanted to honor him by continuing his family name.  Grandaddy passed away when I was in early pregnancy with Caleb.  Caleb means "loyal"  and "faithful" and those are certainly true of our Caleb.