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Jean Book Bag

 Here are directions for making the Jean Book Bag that I made for Sam!  The book bag is more detailed than the Jean Purse.


DISCLAIMER:<grin>  This is just the 'Dana' way...I'm sure there are several different ways to accomplish the same end result!!  Use your own common sense and creativity -- and share your ideas with me please!:-)

 1.  cut legs off leaving 4 inches of the leg


 2.  use seam ripper to open crotch seams, front and back.


3.  starting where the crotch begins to curve, front and back, use seam ripper to open up the seams

4.  cut off excess, following a straight line


5.  they looked a little too 'triangle-y' to me, so trimmed the sides a little to make the bag 'boxier'.  Sewed this seam and sewed the crotch/leg seams down, front and back, stitched over the original stitching lines.


6.  laid the finished bag on the lining fabric and cut around it allowing about a half inch for seam allowance all around.


7.  used the leg to cut straight strip/s for the handle/s.  Sam wanted his bad to fit over the shoulder like a satchel.  I lined his handle with camo.


8. fashioned a pocket, folded down the top and stitched.  Ironed in a quarter inch on the sides and then stitched the
pocket onto one piece of the lining.

9.  stitched the lining front to back, right sides together and then slipped the lining into the bag.  folded in the top seam allowance and pinned all around.  Unsnap the snap, sew lining into bag beginning at back of snap.  Pin handle in place between bag and lining.