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 A Cute overall jumper made from upcycled overalls.

This is a fun project!  I recycled old overalls to make a cute new jumper!  Here's MaryVance modeling her new Overall Jumper for you.


Below you will find photos and instructions from when I made Molly a matching jumper.

I used a seam ripper and actually removed the bib from the pants at the front.  This gave me the original seam allowance used for the
bib to use for my skirt. Here’s a photo of the pants front.


Here’s a photo of the inside of the bib front with Molly’s skirt pinned on. I opened up the original seam allowance and used that for a stitching guideline.


First I measured the length I wanted the skirt to be (allowing for seam allowance and hem) and cut two rectangles.  I just pinned the skirt on in pleats on the front but you could gather it also.


Finished front.  I stitched in the original stitch lines for the topstitching also.

Because the back had no 'bib', I just measured the back and cut it off so it would be even with the front (remembering to allow for seam allowances).  I stitched the front bib to skirt front and then back to skirt back.  Next I stitched the front to back at the side seams.  Now, here's where you just have to fiddle a little.  :-)  Not all overalls come together at the side the same, some have snaps, some have buttons, etc...  I just kinda fiddled with it to determine if I needed to leave a lap or if I could just stitch the entire seam closed.  Every pair I've made has been finished off a little differently.  Then last I hem the skirt and/or add eyelet.