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Mary Vance

Mary Vance (usually written as 'MaryVance'), our second jewel.  She is the 'leader', 'guide' and 'mother hen' to the four little boys.  :)  MaryVance loves art and craft projects.  She also loves to write and is writing a story that you can read on the children's blog.  MaryVance is very loving and affectionate and is always ready for a snuggle.  She loves to make things for people and she is also an avid reader.  MaryVance enjoys schoolwork and is a good scholar.  I am very thankful for her, she is a real joy in my life.

Mary Vance is named for my favorite great aunt, Mary Louise and my grandmother, Martha Vance.  I knew from the very beginning of my pregnancy that she was a girl.  Her 'Mary' is also for the mother of Jesus.  Vance is a family name, my mother also has the middle name Vance.