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Nehemiah is such a joy!  He was a very easy and happy baby and is a delightful toddler.  He is such a blessing to us!  I often say he's so good he should have been twins!  :)  Landon christened him "Minah" which he called himself until he changed it to Doomimah... and now he says Nehemiah.  Sometimes.  Sometimes he is still Doomimah.  :)  When asked what his name is his most often reply is "Doomimah Nisney Woois".  Ya gotta love that!  I just love this little fella!

Nehemiah is named for the Old Testament Nehemiah and two dear men, brothers named Nissley, who are family to us.  That is a long story and you can read it toward the bottom of this page

These photos are 'at birth' and then at each month until age 1 and then at 19 mo, 23 mo, and 2 years.  You can click to enlarge any photo.