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Patternless A-Line Skirt

 DISCLAIMER:  Here's the 'Dana Way' to make an A-Line skirt without a pattern.  Here's one I made for Molly.  
Keep in mind, this is not the 'only' way and maybe not even the 'best' way, but it's the only way I know :).

You will need fabric, a tape measure and a marking pencil.  A sewing gauge comes in handy too!

1. I measured Molly's hips (as that's the part the skirt has to slide up over). They were 36. Then I measured to see what the finished
length needed to be--34ish.

2. With the 44/45 width fabric folded in half, I marked 9 1/2 inches (unfolded would be 19 and double that -front and back- would be
38 which gives plenty of wiggle room.


3. Then I drew a line down 1 1/2 inches to allow for the waistband.

 4. Next I placed a tape measure at the fold and marked where 36 inches would be.

5. Then I moved the measuring tape over 4 inches or so and marked 36 inches again, still parallel with the fold.

6. Next I placed the measuring tape at the center point of the skirt piece, about 5 inches from the fold, and angled the tape a tad and
marked 36 inches.

7. Lastly, I moved the tape to where the top of the tape was at the end of my pencil mark and the bottom of the tape was where I
wanted the skirt to end.


You can make it swing out however far you want.

8. Then I marked a line where I wanted the outside seam to be. See above photo.

9. Next I connected the marks made in steps 4,5,6 and 7 to make a curve at the hem. The white pencil wasn't showing up well so I
switched to blue.


 10. Lastly I cut along the diagonal side seam line and the curved hem line to create a piece that looks like this.

11. Next I will place this front piece on top of another section of fabric and cut out a back piece exactly the same shape.

12. Then all that's left is the construction. Sew front to back at side seams. Sew in a 'shirttail hem' (that's what my grandmother called it--fold 1/4 inch and then 1/4 inch again).  Last is the waistband. I used 1 1/4 in step 3 above because I am using 1/2 inch elastic. If you are using 1 inch elastic then that measurement would need to be 2 1/4 inches. Fold the 1/4 under then fold the 1 inch under and sew, stopping an inch short of where you began. Use this opening to thread your elastic through the waistband.  Stitch the elastic ends together, slightly overlapping and then stitch your waistband casing closed.

Flip inside out and iron your seams open. Flip back right side and iron.