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Samuel Locke

We should have named him "Smiley"!  Sam always has a smile on his face.  He is my "go-to" guy for any project.  Sam always has a willing heart and hands eager to help.  His current passions are birds and nature photography.  He has built over twenty bird houses, bird feeders, bird waterers and loves to feed the birds.  Sam loves the outdoors and that plays nicely into his love of nature photography.  You can see some of his photographs on the Samolly Photography page. 

Sam has always had such a good disposition, even as a toddler.  He is fun and happy and loves to make others smile. He's never passed a mud puddle he didn't jump in or a flower he didn't stop to smell.




Sam has a fun 'name story'.  When I was pregnant with Sam Caleb was three.  His first Sunday in 'big boy Sunday School' their lesson was about Hannah and baby Samuel.  Caleb reached over and rubbed my tummy and said "My mama has baby Samuel in her tummy" very matter-of-factly.  We had not had an ultrasound at that time but decided when we did we needed to find out the gender for Caleb's sake.  He was so convinced baby was a boy.  We had the ultrasound and the tech said "girl".  So... we spent the next four months convincing Caleb that 'baby Samuel' was really baby Rachel.  Until he was born.  Ha ha ha.  So we knew he had to be Samuel.  Locke is for Tony's maternal grandfather, Robert Locke.  He was an only child and only had two daughters.  We wanted to honor him and his family by continuing his name. 

Samuel means "asked of God", very appropriate (especially for Caleb!)